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Lisa Koepsell

Mental Health Resource Specialist

For my mental health I.....

love to spend quality time with my family. There is never a dull moment with 3 small, sweet children and a lovable, mischievous pup! I also enjoy singing, writing for my blog, reading, and crafting. 

One thing on my bucket list is....

to travel as a family. I’d love to show my children the world!

A favorite Sheboygan County spot of mine is...

Lake Michigan. I’ve found solace there since I was a child. There is nothing quite as calming and soothing as sitting and listening to the waves hit the shore. I also enjoy getting a cup of joe at one of our local coffee shops - Weather Center, Glas, and my absolute favorite, Paradigm.

I like working at MHA because...

I truly believe in our mission to promote good mental health in our community and reduce the stigma of mental health issues in general. I am proud to be on a team of co-workers who really care about the well-being of others and practice our core philosophy that everyone matters.

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