Check out the 2017-2018 Community Resource Card, a helpful, brief, and quick guide to resources categorized under the headings of Emergencies, Abuse, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Child Care, Counseling, Disabilities, Employment, Financial Assistance, Food, Grief, Health Services, Housing, Information & Referrals, Legal Issues, Literacy, Military Veteran Services, Support Groups, Translation/Interpretation, Transportation, and Youth.

As one of MHA's most popular handouts, this card is a "cheat sheet" for a variety of resources in Sheboygan County. For a more comprehensive list of all services in Sheboygan County, please be sure to look through the Directory of Community Resources.

MHA prints 10,000-20,000 Resource Cards, every two years (quantity of printing and number of printings are based on funding). Over 50+ organizations and agencies receive the Community Resource Card to distribute to individuals and families who may benefit. If you would like Resource Cards to distribute, please contact us to see if there are any available. Please note that there is a limit of 250 cards per agency. The most up to date card is always available here on our website and can be saved, printed, and shared with those in need.

If you are aware of an update/change to the current listing or have a suggestion/addition, please email for correction or consideration and review by MHA's Program Development & Advocacy Committee. Thank you!


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