Mindfulness is a research evidence-based practice that reduces stress, improves focus and sleep, decreases depression and anxiety, positively impacting one's overall health and well-being.   

We offer education and experiences for the general community,

education settings, and employers.

MHA believes that mindfulness is a key component of improving mental health, emotional resiliency, and reducing stress.  Our community-wide initiatives include classroom programs for students and educators, workshops for area businesses and organizations, as well as programs, classes and experiences for the general public.  Our highly trained staff are happy to provide resources, information, and mindful moments throughout the county and beyond.


Jon Kabat-Zinn, the foremost researcher in the field describes mindfulness as:

"The awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose,
in the present moment non-judgmentally"

At MHA, we also like to add "with kindness, curiosity, and gratitude" to the definition. We are proud to bring mindfulness to youth and adults in a variety of settings, utilizing the Growing Minds social emotional mindfulness curriculum.       


We are proud to offer the Mindful Classroom Initiative which is grant funded programming for both students and educators in the classroom setting.  Mindfulness has been shown to increase attention, reduce student stress, improve emotional regulation and in turn improve students' health and ability to learn.


Incorporating mindfulness into the classroom, teachers can help their classrooms be calmer and more caring which contributes to a more effective learning environment.


MHA hosts mindful community sessions throughout the year, open to the public, to include guided meditations and a variety of mindful topics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced mindful moments. 


Visit our EVENT page for upcoming classes, workshops and mindful experiences.  


Mindfulness in the workplace can help reduce employee stress, enhance focus and effectiveness, improving employee morale and communication and the business revenue. 


 Visit our WORKPLACE WELLNESS page to learn about the specific Mindful Workplace trainings and workshops, including price and session details, that our experienced mindful instructors can bring onsite to improve overall health and wellness of your employees!  

Spring into Mindfulness Mindful Classroom Initiative annual fundraiser at Lake Orchard Farm Retreat

benefits of mindfulness
  • Stress Reduction

  • Decreased Depression & Anxiety

  • Improved Sleep

  • Boosted Energy Levels

  • Increased Focus

  • Enhanced Well-Being

  • Improved Self-Esteem

  • Increased mental and emotional resiliency and flexibility


"Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky.  Conscious breathing is my anchor." -Thich Nhat Hanh

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