Mindful Mondays: Balance in a Moment of Panic

It's something that we strive for throughout our days - a work/life balance, the balance between exercise and a good Netflix binge, a healthy, balanced diet - the list goes on. If we put a little effort into it, many of us are able to achieve balance in one or most of these areas. 


However, many of us also experience highly stressful moments, or moments of extreme panic or anxiety, and finding balance when this happens can be difficult. These feelings of emotional or physical unease can be hard to manage, especially if we are in a public or professional setting, surrounded by people we know (or folks who are total strangers). It can be hard to navigate what we need to do in order to help ourselves think more clearly and find the balance we need in that moment.


One of our favorite exercises for these times, and any times of stress, is the STOP exercise. 



Take a breath.




Our friends at Mindful Magazine have highlighted this practice in an ARTICLE that expands on these instructions and provides a "free time-out ticket" that can help folks find balance in uncertain times. By using this practice, for however long feels comfortable for you, you m


ay find that you are strong enough to overcome these moments and that you have more control than you think when life feels overwhelming.


Wishing you peace and happiness, and a wonderful start to your week.

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