Diffusing Holiday Stress with Mindfulness


Guided practice begins at 4:45 in video above.


We hope that your December is off to a great start. While this time of year is often celebrated as one of happiness and joy, we know that this is also a difficult time for many folks - the holidays tend to bring up a lot of feelings surrounding things like stress, grief, or family issues. Whatever feelings the holidays may bring up for you, remember there is no right or wrong way to feel during this time of year, and be kind to yourself with whatever you might notice. (Read that one more time if you need to!) However, if you are hoping to better co-exist with some of these more difficult emotions, we hope the following exercise will help. 


Thinking of the generosity and kindness we discussed last week, we would like to share a mindfulness exercise from mindful.org that will help you remain in the present moment and perhaps focus on some of the things that may reduce your stress this time of year. It's a great way to practice some self-care and self-kindness, and you can practice for as long or as short as you are able. Take a few moments now at your desk, or save it for a later time when you know you might need it. Also, feel free to join us live on Facebook today at 12:15 pm, and we will lead you in this practice to help you bring a little more mindfulness into your life!


Visit https://www.mindful.org/take-10-minutes-defuse-holiday-stress-mindfulness-practice/ for the original practice.


Happy holidays, Mindful Friends! 


Be you. Be well. Be mindful.

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