Optimistic October Action Calendar


Welcome to Mindful Monday!


As September winds down and October begins tomorrow, the wonderful folks at Action for Happiness have released their October 2019 calendar. This month focuses on optimism, and is full of wonderful ideas you can do each day to build this important trait in your own life (and those around you). Click here to download.


When struggling with the challenges life often throws our way, on some days it can seem downright impossible to keep your head up and keep a positive attitude. However, studies have shown that those who practice mindfulness on a regular basis often have higher levels of optimism than those who do not.


While mindfulness is all about staying in the present moment, thinking about the future in order to create goals for ourselves can be a beneficial practice as well. Mindfulness is a helpful practice when we do this: we acknowledge where our starting point is, we treat ourselves with kindness if we miss a goal or get led astray, and we celebrate the little moments of success with happiness and gratitude. In this practice from Mindful.org, we take a look at a 3-step practice to help us picture our best selves and foster optimism within our lives.


Pick a few activities, or choose them all, and see what a difference it can make in your life this month!


Be you. Be well. Be mindful.



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